Wellness Instritute Individual Membership

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   The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo & Western New York Inc.  Founded in 1989 as a public benefit organization with its mission of  creating healthy communities, The Wellness Institute is an advocate for, and facilitator of positive, healthy and sustainable improvement in the Greater Buffalo and Western New York community. The Institute accomplishes its work by empowering  people , organizations and communities to work together to understand their “current reality”, to create a shared Vision and how to best invest their precious resources in  order to earn the most profound and sustainable return. Philip L. Haberstro Founder and Executive Director The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo & Western New York Inc.

     Our staff, volunteers and partners manage a portfolio of integrated initiatives intended to increase the value of our community's social, environmental, economic and human capital. A shared understanding of how to best assess,  manage and grow these interlinked components of community "wealth" is key to making the strategic investments that enable the creation of a "healthy community". We invite you to join our team!

Individual Membership ($45) -Includes Wellness Institute networking and invites to Wellness events


The Wellness Institute is a local non-profit (501 3C) serving the public interest - We also accept donations which are always greatly appreciated!
Please make donation and mail-in membership payments to the following address:

Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo 

C/O 65 Niagara Square RM 607

Buffalo, NY 14202