To positivly and sustainably impact our community's health . environment ,social capital and economy the nonprofit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and its many community partners have set a community wide physical activity  goal of achieving 50 Million Steps walked/rolled in 2017 among all age groups in the BUFALO NIAGARA REGION  !  With a primary focus on leading and promoting  community walks and improving WALKABILITY The Institue will track and report quarterly the number of steps taken by participants in the walks that the Institute, its affiliates,  community partners and friends achieve in 2017. In addition the Wellness Instiute Staff and partners will be available to comminities to train them on policy and built environment actions they can take to enhance community WAKABILITY.  Wellness Institute Executive Director Phil Haberstro noted "The 50 Million+ Steps initiative,while having merit on its own, supports other community initiatves like the Erie County Department of Health"s cardiovascular health improving MILLION HEARTS CAMPAIGN ,the upcoming P2 Collaborative"s Regional STEPS initiative;  IHA /BILLS Community HEALTH AND WELLNESS CHALLENGE and a wide range of community walks/runs that the Institute either leads , is a partner or supporter of. Phil added"The strategic  path to a healthier community population is built on a foundation of sustainable inter-sector and inter-disciplinary collaboration and a comprehensive approach to community culture support."

Leading the collaborative  way is "Explore Buffalo", a former Affiliate of the nonprofit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.  Explore Buffalo provides  walking, biking and kayaking opportunities to discover Greater Buffalo's great architecture, history, and neighborhoods.  Their mission is accomplished by providing guidance and encouragement to participants to develop their interest and skills in educating others on these valuable assets.  Children are also offered the opportunity to learn about the history of Buffalo and their role in the future while offering health enhancing, social capital building, and environmentally friendly activities.

Explore Buffalo Executive Director Brad Hahn noted, "Adding up all of the people who have taken an Explore Buffalo walking tour in 2016 - currently about 17,000 - and multiplying it by an average of 3,000 steps per tour, we are currently contribiting over 36 MILLION steps! Our popular education and inspirational"WALKS" are real evidence of a community becoming healthier not only physically, but also socially, as people on our tours gain a greater appreciation of all that Buffalo Niagara has to offer."

Phil Haberstro of the Wellness Insitute added, "The steps from the 2016 Explore Buffalo Walks, the BeActive Erie County Park and Mall Walks, the VBN Waltober Downtpwn Walk seriesr Walk, the Erie County Downtown Walk at Lunch walk, and the BNMC Wellness on Wednesday WOW Walk series, put the 2016  total steps over  the 41 million mark and inspired us to set the 2017 community steps goal at 50 MILLION " With new trails oprning in the NorthTowns and North Buffalo , advocacy in the South towns for youth physical activity and comunuty walkability from Assemblyman Michael Kearns , support from REFRESH MAGAZINE , Wegmans , The Explore Buffalo Team and all of the Wellness Institute's Community Partners we are excited  to be helping to get Greater Buffalo moving!! On Line Forms, will be  available for individuals , employers and organizations to send in their event or activity STEP counts by contatcing the WELLNESS INSTITUTE at 851 4052 0r emailing :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  THANK YOU!