From an article written by Carl Francis Penders:
Is Buffalo a healthy community? asked Philip L. Haberstro (lead image – right), The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo’s executive director.  Weighing in too regarding the populace’s health was Larry Brooks, author of Buffalo Niagara: Diagnosis and Prescription for Change.  Both Haberstro and Brooks referred to the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute’s County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.  The 2016 Population Health  Institute rated Niagara 58 and Erie County at 50  respectively out of 62 New York State counties. Haberstro indicated that measure is driven by both personal choice and the social,, environmental and economic HEALTH of our communities'
A " healthy community" is measured by civic, economic, biological, and environmental factors said Haberstro.  He asked listeners to consider the region’s social capital, a term from "Bowling Alone" by Robert Putnam which examines the trust people have in one another, and in agencies serving them.  Equally important is reciprocity, a social capital yardstick measuring how well people work together. Note BUFFALO DAY 2017 at Chautaqua is Tuesday, July 11th

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