Universal Access to Health Promotion: A Sustainable Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities, Improve the Health of an Entire State, and Accelerate the Evolution of Health Promotion

“The three pillars critical to improving the health of the residents of a state or nation are enhancing the social determinants of health, providing universal access to medical care and providing universal access to health promotion.

The missing element for most large-scale efforts is providing universal access to health promotion, even though that may be the most cost-effective method to improve the health of the people of a state and even a nation.

To do this well, we need to deliver a therapeutic dose of scientifically valid health behavior change strategies (summarized here in the AMSO Framework). Funding this effort is likely to cost 10 or more times the amount available through foundations, public charities and public health departments. Therefore, these groups need to focus a portion of their resources on mobilizing funding from entities that have sufficient resources and that will also benefit from improved health status of their constituents.

The most important contribution of this white paper may be the financial analysis that illustrates how sufficient resources might be mobilized and how the overall effort can be maintained by capturing a small portion of these funds to maintain internal operations indefinitely, and in the process, stimulate investments several hundred times the initial investment.”

Michael P. O’Donnell, MBA, MPH, PhD

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