In the Spring of 2012, following 16 months of challenging and collaborative work by a dedicated group of community volunteers and Buffalo School District professionals and students, the BUFFALO BOARD of EDUCATION approved a comprehensive and updated District wide Wellness Policy. Phil Haberstro of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo ,a key volunteer leader of the policy writing team, noted that the work of  policy implementation  is the next phase of work that is currently being accomplished through the newly formed District Health Council, the Board and the community at large-  The public may view the District wellness policy on the Board of Education Web Site or by contacting Sue Ventresca , the Buffalo School District's Director of Health Related Services.  (716) 816-3098.  The implementaion activites started with the formation of the District wide Health Council and included sub committes addressing the ten key components of the CDC 's Coordinated School Health model which is guiding the work. School based Wellness teams are currently being formed and trained in committee performance by the University of Buffalo School of management.

The Wellness Institute's Phil Haberstro is co-chairing the BPS Employee Wellness componet with staff of the Buffalo School District. The worksite team has completed a state of the art workplace environmental audit of District wide support for employee wellness and is the entire district is being invited to participate in the 2014 EAT WELL LIVE WELL CHALLENGE employee wellness program  Phil is also a member of the Physical Activity team chaired by Andrea Norton, the Buffalo School District Supervisor for Physical Education and Health Education. Andrea's team is focusing initially on working with the District to address physical education staffing compliance with NYS Education regulations and a baseline assessment of resources(in school and community) to facilitate City childrens achievement of 60 mins. a day of physical activity. In addition there has been improvement in the number of schools offering recess. As a result of their work together on the Physical Activity committee the Wellness Institute's Phil Haberstro and Canisius College's Dr Karl Koslowski have convened The WNY Higher Education Health And Wellnes Consortium of WNY area college Health Promotion faculty to potenially assist the implementation and evaluation of the District Wellness Policy.  The District has also hired a staff person to increase district capacity to manage the challenging task of supporting the Wellness polcy implementation process. The District Wide Health Council sub committees have been working to make progress in implementing the District Wellness policy which has the full support of the Board of Education , Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie and the dedicated  professional and volunteer members of the working sub committees.  The District Parent Coordinating Council has been a strong advocate voice for the District to be in compliance with the NY State Dept of education regulations for Physical Education and Health Education. The Say Yes to Education Buffalo initative has recently formed a Health and Wellness committes to add additional community capacity to empowering students to be healthy.  The Welness Instiute's Phil Haberstro is available as a consultant to School Districts wishing to improve their Wellness policies or implement an Employee Wellness program for their school staff-Phil may be reached at 716 851-4052 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.