The Response to Love Center serves some of the East Side of Buffalo's most underserved individuals.  In 2014, the Wellness Institute's Wendy VanEvery lead a series of health and wellness-related initiatives there, in partnership with Wegmans, to improve the overall client experience and access to healthy living information.

Beginning with planning a community garden, Wendy worked to educate staff and participants at the Center on nutrition and a daily goal of Striving for 5 fruit and vegetable servings as part of Wegmans' community health program, the Eat Well, Live Well Challenge.  The 8 week Challenge was next, as participants logged steps taken and fruit and veggie servings in a friendly competition intended to increase knowlege and change behaviors. Evaluations overwhelmingly revealed participant's excitement at learning new information and their plans to use what they've learned once the workshop ends.  

Other workshops Wendy helped to facilitate included Canning, In Home Exercises, and Stress Managment, to name a few.  Wendy built relationships with Response to Love Leadership and Staff, educating and supporting their efforts along the way to ensure that the information shared would be sustained long after the workshops and challenges ended.

In August, Wellness Institute Staff joined the team from Wegmans as the United Way Day of Caring took place on the Response to Love campus.  Groundskeeping, painting, cleaning, and other improvements ensured that the Response to Love Center can focus on serving it's clients and participants in a Mission-focused way rather than on the daily details of keeping the building up.

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