The nonprofit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and Western New York is a public benefit organization whose mission is to “Create Healthy Communities.” The Wellness Institute offers industry leading advocacy, facilitation, consultation, trainings , and leadership in designing, implementing and evaluting strategic plans to empower a community or organization’s to measurably enhance health and quality of life while fostering the creation of a wellness culture that will sustain positive lifestyle choices.

Founded in 1989 and operating in Downtown Buffalo, NY the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo works with community focused civic groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and public sector partners. All of whom share a common Vision: to empower the communities they serve, to be better places to live , work and play.

The dedication to this goal is universal but the resources are not. The Wellness Institute and its partners understand that meaningful action may be limited by funds and mindsets. None the less, The Wellness Institute and its partnerships share the Vision of developing a community or organizational cultue through a comprhensive strategic plan devised around the critical skills, environments and policies needed to build a healthy sustainable community. The Wellness Institute is a an experienced and successful advocate, facilitator, and leader for positive sustainable culture change.                                                                                                  To achieve that outcome each organization or community must first identify and understand its' current reality and then create a unifying community Vision. This shared Vision sets the community’s direction and ultimately guides them to their destination. This process allows the community to work together in achieving its shared Vision. Immediately, this camaraderie ignites the social capital that allows people and communities to create a plan of action to overcome obstacles along the way to achieving their Vision and new found sustainable quality of life.

This globally recognized “Healthy Community” movement identifies four forms of capital available for community reinvestment.  These are Social Capital, Environmental Capital, Economic Capital, and Human Capital. Together they form a clear and measurable picture of the “health” of any community. The key to success is making SHARED investment decisions, based on sound information and best practices that will enable any community to grow all four critical components of community “health”. 

The Wellness Institute’s staff, volunteers, and partners are proud to manage a portfolio of community initiatives intended to increase the value of any community’s social, environmental, economic, and human capital.  

 Creating Social Capital: "Social Capital" is defined as the level of trust and norms of reciprocity that exist in communities. (Putnam)... Creating Social Capital 

 Creating Environmental Capital:  The Wellness Institute, through its participation in community initiatives... Creating Environmental Capital

Creating Economic Capital:  The Wellness Institute has employed strategic tactics in its efforts to have the “economy serve the people”... Creating Economic Capital

Creating Healthy Human Capital:  The Wellness Institute is a Visionary health promotion leader in Western New York... Creating Human Capital


The Wellness Institute’s staff, volunteers, and partners are pleased to share lessons learned from our "HEALTHY COMMUNITY" portfolio of  initiatives intended to increase the value of a community’s social, environmental, economic, and human capital. Please feel free to contact us at 716 851-4052 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Thank You!