27th Anniversary Strategic Plan Partnership/ Sponsorship Opportunities...

In 2016/17 The nonprofit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and Western NY will be celebrating the 27th Anniversay of its 1989 founding. In celebration and to focus our work we have launched our 2020 Strategic plan. Our key metric is the Robert Wood johnson ERIE County health ranking   The Institute through its strategic plan hosts many community wellbeing supporting events and connecting outreach programs on a year-round basis.  We are always working to forge strategic partnerships with local and national organizations, governments and businesses that are dedicated to supporting and advancing wellness efforts and quality of life  initiatives in the Greater Buffalo market area.  We are open to any suggestions regarding branding and integration involving our events and programs with your organization or project.  For more information on our 2020 Strategic plan, event, website advertising and program sponsorship opportunities please contact Executive Director Phil Haberstro at:

PH: (716) 851-4052 FAX: (716) 851.4309.   EMAIL us at :                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or write to : The Wellness Institute C/O      65 Niagara Square -B-WELL Office Room 607, Buffalo NY 14202
THANK YOU! We look forward to learning about your idea or suggestion and working with you!