WELLNESS INSTITUTE:Workplace Health Promotion Services, Programs and Resources 


The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo , a non-profit "Healthy Communities" advocacy agency with a mission of “creating healthy communities”, has WNY’s longest running experience in advocating for, creating, and managing successful workplace health promotion initiatives in the Upstate NY region..Philip L. Haberstro, the Wellness Institute Executive Director, has been professionally involved in the employee wellness field since 1980. He has worked with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in facilitating workplace health promotion initiatives locally and nationally. Phil was recently Certified as a Trainer for the CDC Work@health program-The only person in WNY to achieve this natioal CDC certification. Phil is also a member of the National Board of Directors of www.healthPromotionAdvocates.org                                                                                      In the last decade, the Wellness Institute has established its core strength, skills and respect in the strategic design and development of employee wellness initiatives while partnering with a range of area organizations (www.IgniteHealthNow.com ) on the provider side. “What the Wellness Institute has matured  to is our ability to provide employers the consulting services and technical support in the strategic planning and design of an employee health promotion initiative for any size employer in the local, national or global marketplace,” says Haberstro. The employee wellness specialty services available from the Wellness Institute primarily fall into strategic planning services—sitting down with an organization, helping them to identify where they are currently, where they would like to get to (Shared Vision) and then planning strategically to define the resources and action steps they need to accomplish their organizational health and management  goals. The Wellness Institute also has the capacity to provide training (visit www.bwihp.org ) to manage programs in a turnkey situation. If an employer does not have the expertise in-house, the Institute can manage employee health promotion programs for organizations. This range of services the Wellness Institute has available to employers—consulting (design and development of programs in an ongoing technical support relationship), the day-to-day management of employee health promotion assessment , programs and/or training and developing staff (visit www.bwihp.org ) to carry out those duties allows the Institute and the employer a great deal of flexibility in meeting each employers unique neeeds and interests for a very effective investment and outcomes. The Institute also has a state of the art and confidential health risk appraisal and biometric screenings available  (visit www.IgnitehealthNow.com )to its clients to baseline health practices and measure organizational progress. Haberstro states, “Our experiences have included ongoing National ,State and local advocacy for workplace health promotion and the actual REAL WORLD experience of on site management of employee health promotion programs in the region, including 16 years managing the results focused City of Buffalo Employee Wellness Program .” Under our management The City’s "B-Well" program earned National recognition from the Association for Worksite Health Promotion. The Wellness Institute has also been the recipient of multiple grants from the New York State Department of Health to help facilitate the launch of employee health promotion initiatives throughout the Western New York region. The non profit Institute was involved for 8 years in the very successful marketing, promotion, training and support for the Eat Well Live Well Challenge, a nationally recognized employee health promotion program developed by Wegmans for employers in Western New York and has added capacity in the planning and assessment and management areas with the addition of Shawna Dosser as Director of the Wellness Institute's Health Promotion Initiiatives . Recent consulting services and programs for the Employer Wellness Council of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus ,the Buffalo Public School System, The Health Sciences Charter School, the Catholic Health System of Western NY  and Praxair are among the Institute's work place projects. For information on the consulting, management and support services from the Wellness Institute please contact Shawna Dosser or Phil Haberstro , at 716-851-4052 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . The Institute Web site is www.CreatingHealthyCommunities.org.is also a resource for local programs and national health promotion policy up dates..