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“Walking to Wellness” Exceeds 2017 Steps Goal!

Buffalo, NY: For 2017, to promote and gain the many benefits of regular physical activity, the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo set a community goal of achieving 50 Million Steps taken by community participants, of all ages, in walks throughout the year.

By leading walks in local shopping malls and parks, on the Buffalo-Niagara Medical campus, and in Downtown Buffalo, the Wellness Institute and its many community partners have not only achieved their goal, but significantly surpassed it.!! Wellness Institute partner Explore Buffalo led the way contributing 39 million steps to the community goal. Refresh Magazine, Visit Buffalo Niagara, Amherst YES Program, Lackawanna and Orchard Park Schools Drums along the Waterfront, and the City B-Well Program are among the many partners. (Additional partners always welcome.) The total step count recorded for this year was 76,540,000 steps!

Wellness Institute Executive Director, Phil Haberstro noted: “We worked with multiple partners and our “Walking to Wellness” initiative is recognized as a community best practice by the NYS Department of Health. Additionally, Institute staff member Sarah K. Martin completed an “America Walks” fellowship strengthening our capability to improve walkability and with the help of  the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors, the Wellness Institute hosted a “Building a Healthy Buffalo” discussion on walkability and released a walkability assessment toolkit. The 2018 “Walking to Wellness” goal will be announced in mid-January. We are working strategically to increase physical activity by collaborating with community organizations to promote physical activity and policies addressing community walkability.”

Persons interested in walking and/or walkability can join any of the Wellness Institute’s walks to have their steps counted toward the 2018 Walking to Wellness goal total. For event listings, visit www.CreatingHealthyCommunities.org  to view our calendar of events. Community organizations, elected officials, media and area employers who wish to be a part of this WNY Walking to Wellness and Walkability Improvement Initiative may contact Mr. Haberstro at 716-851-4052 or email BeActive@City-Buffalo.org.   #  

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