About Healthy Communities 2030!

Mission: Creating Healthy Communities!

HC 2030! is an ongoing strategic, data driven, and citizen-empowering initiative of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo. HC 2030! facilitates our community advocacy, accountability, investment and social capital-building actions in working together with our public, private, non-profit, and civic partners in Erie and Niagara Counties! Our goal, over the next decade, is to measurably and sustainably improve our residents’ environmental, economic, social, and personal health to enhance our shared community quality of life!


Our Shared Vision

Citizens of the Erie-Niagara community share in shaping the future of our thriving bi-national region. Safe and stable neighborhoods, respect for diversity, accessible cultural/recreation opportunities, a healthy population and lifelong learning provide an exceptional quality of life. Our dynamic economic climate evolves from a competitive workforce, responsive governance and a comprehensive mobility system. A balanced, sustainable environment ensures the prosperity and natural resources of our region.

Our Values

Our region’s people; sustainability, social capital, our democracy and leadership that supports a culture change strategy that is comprehensive, collaborative, and resourced.

Our Collaborators & Affiliates

History of Healthy Communities 2030!

The Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo & WNY was incorporated in 1989 as a public benefit organization with the mission of creating healthy communities. After 30 strong years of work, the team decided to use its history of success to launch the Healthy Communities 2030! Initiative to improve the health, and therefore quality of life, in our Western New York region! Strategically guided by the interdisciplinary “healthy community” movement, the Institute’s work has been enhanced through assessment and visioning, collaboration, networking, advocacy, professional development services, educational programs, communication, volunteers, innovation and leadership on health promotion, civic engagement and quality of life issues.

Successful Incubated Organizations include:

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