Creating Economic Capital and Jobs

  • Generated (since founding) in excess of $6.25 million in grants/sponsorships, (ongoing)
  • Generated positive national publicity for Buffalo Niagara region in 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2006 , 2009, 2011 and 2014 through hosting national conferences , earning eight All America City FINALIST status, ( www.ncl.org ) and winning two All America City awards from the National Civic League ( www.NCL.org ). Earned additional positive public relations value for Buffalo through national leadership positions held, national public speaking appearances and honors earned by the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.
  • Pioneering and advocacy action in workforce health promotion to impact productivity and health care costs. (ongoing, 1989 to the present). Helped to save the City of Buffalo millions of dollars in health insurance spending by paving way to healthier workforce through 16 year employee wellnes program management which helped city attract lower cost health insurance provider.
  • Job creation – twelve employees, 200+ interns trained, (ongoing.)
  • First in Buffalo, NY region to publicly champion “Health Promotion” as a growth industry for Buffalo Niagara region (1997). Presented concept paper to Buffalo Niagara Partnership (1998). Helped incubate Massachusetts Avenue Project (1998), BWI Health Promotions (2004), Green Options Buffalo (2009), Buffalo Car Share (2010), Net Positive (2012), Explore Buffalo (2013) and Citizen science Community resources resulting in 15 additional full-time jobs created in community- (ongoing).
  • Participated in creation of City of Buffalo Creativity and Civic Solutions Commission (2004) – first in country.
  • Advocated to relocate Bicycle History Center and Childrens Museum as “cultural tourism” attractions to downtown Buffalo water front location at Canalside, (ongoing).
  • Partnered with Arden Farm in East Aurora, NY to strengthen their efforts in agri-tourism, health education and small scale organic farming (2014-ongoing)
  • Established partnership with private sector (BWI Health Promotion) to open National Worksite Health Promotion Training Institute in the Innovation Center on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (2010). Certified 10 Worksite health Promotion trainees Spring 2011.(ongoing training)
  • Brought statewide BE ACTIVE NEW YORK STATE (www.BeActiveNYS.org )(2002) and National Association for Health and Fitness (www.Physicalfitness.org )(2008) presence to Western New York through management services contracts with the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.
  • Wellness Institute Executive Director Serves As Board Member of Health Promotion Advocates (www.healthpromotionadvocates.org) and National Walking (Advocacy) Summit in 2013 and 2015.

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NY State Community Health Indicator Reports (CHIRS)

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