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“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.” 

              ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

On this page, you will find Falls Prevention Meetings, Falls Prevention Events, Health & Wellness Events, Updates on the Mayor’s Senior Events and other helpful information related to aging healthfully and gracefully.

Age-Friendly Buffalo/Falls Prevention Workshops

Amherst Senior Center
Thursday, March 29th (10AM-12:30PM)

Orchard Park Senior Center
Thursday, April 19th (12Pm-2:30PM)

To set up a Falls Prevention Workshop of your own please
Call 716-851-4052 or email us

Age-Friendly Buffalo/Falls Prevention Meetings

City Hall Room 1417 @ 3PM
Thursday, February 21st


Falls Prevention Video

Creating an Age Friendly Buffalo, NY

Excercise safety videos from Go4Life

Choosing the Right Fitness Shoes and Clothes

Bicycle Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe While Doing 4 Types of Exercise

Exercising Safely in Hot Weather

Exercise Safely Outdoors

Exercising Safely in Cold Weather

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