Is Your Community Healthy?

How about Your Place of Employment?
Is Your Quality of Life Where You Want It?

With 27+ years of successful community building, 31+ years in school, workplace and older adults health promotion advocacy and strategic planning, and four decades experience in personal wellness, the staff, programs,trainings and services from the Wellness Institute of Greater are of extraordinary value to the communities.employers and persons we serve.

To learn more on how the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo can empower your community, organization or yourself to achieve your wellness Vision. Please email  or phone us at 716-851-4052.

Services/Resources include:

  • Healthy Community strategic planning Community Visioning facilitation Keynote speaking/workshops including Creating HEALTHY COMMUNITIES/community change/healthy Work places/personal inspiration.
  • Social Entrepreneurship coaching and health promotion business incubation
  • Personal wellness Consulting, Nutrition , stress nmanagement and Fitness Programs, Nutrition Consulting (Healthy Menu Planning) for Schools Restaurants and Community organization wellness programs and education resources. Health Coaching

    Specialty services available through the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo include:

    • Website development/ Ad networks: capacity to see return on investment
    • Google ad sense/ Credit card/key
    • Career Counseling/Leadership coaching/Social entrepreneurship support including media and public relations support services ; event planning,promotion and evaluation.


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